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Technology Serves Our Customers

Henningsen technology systems are designed for optimal warehouse operations, from put-away to case pick, with higher accuracy, greater accountability and faster throughput. Through technology we improve fill rates and accommodate virtually any customer-defined inventory rotation. Our systems optimize slotting and minimize warehouse moves, translating into more efficient operations, which ultimately leads to lower costs for our customers.


Warehouse Management System

State-of-the-art inventory management streamlines transactions, enabling customers to manage inventory with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Historically, more than 85% of all Henningsen’s daily warehousing transactions were handled via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). While still an important component in Henningsen’s technology offering, our integrated EDI system is now enhanced with a robust Warehouse Management System. Customers can leverage our technology investment to enhance their 24/7 visibility of produce orders and movements. Henningsen’s investment in technology provides customers with accurate, timely information that allows everyone to do their job more efficiently.

Transportation Management System

On the transportation side, our TMS integrates warehouse and transportation functions, strengthening our OneSource mission. The goal of Henningsen’s TMS program is to not only relieve our customers from the burden of administering transportation, but also to assure optimal shipment planning optimization and execution, with greater visibility. We strive to lower costs through better carrier and route selection, and consolidate in freight pools for outbound moves. Our TMS also facilitates settlement, with data analysis for continuous improvement.