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Reviving Dinners for Millennials

A perspective from our Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Chelsea Ware. You can find the original article published in Frozen and Refrigerated Buyer here.


How to get frozen dinners back on our radar. It’s really not that hard, if you dare. 

If Doc Martens and record players can make a comeback, then so can dinners in the frozen aisle. To get them on the radar of millennials, food manufacturers and retailers need to put more emphasis on providing frozen meals that are venturesome, quick and tasty.


A spicy kale and carnitas rice bowl with sweet potatoes and corn is much more likely to shout “buy me!” to a millennial shopper than mac ‘n cheese or savory pot roast. Food for millennials isn’t just about pleasing our rumbling stomachs. We want to feel like we traveled to a different country, bolstered our health and supported the organic foods movement… without leaving the comfort of our apartments or breaking the bank.

We are looking for items that fit in with our spontaneous, health-focused, bold lifestyle. In other words, we want to be excited by the package looking at us from the other side of the glass freezer door.

But while things like technology and demographic trends have seen swift development in recent decades, frozen meals have remained largely stagnant. A walk down the frozen foods aisle is often characterized by disappointment for a millennial who is seeking some quick-serve chow. While a few brands offer Asian and Latin assortments, the majority of options follow the same unimaginative formula that our grandparents favored.

It is no wonder that millennials often skip these options and head straight for the deli at their local supermarket when looking for something that is quick and tasty.

Millennials are the most ethnically diverse generation in America’s history. Additionally, we possess adventurous palates and seek out new flavors, textures, and combinations. With affordable offerings such as spicy seared tofu or balsamic kale salad with pumpkin seeds, the pre-made refrigerated section in grocery stores reflects the same distinctiveness that we recognize in ourselves.


Need inspiration? Look no further than our Instagram accounts. This platform is a foodie mecca teeming with images of the convenient foods that we like to boast about. In an age where everything we eat winds up on our various online accounts for the entertainment of our followers, we are looking for something that is dynamic in addition to being affordable and quick to prepare.

We want grocery retailers to offer us items that we can show off to our peers (which translates to free advertising for you). This means more spices and riced cauliflower and less peas and carrots. Trust me, if we wanted a Salisbury steak, we would rather go to our grandparent’s house than the grocery store. At least at grandma’s, it’s free.

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