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Alternative Energy, Facility Design, Lighting, and Refrigeration set Henningsen Cold Storage Co. Apart as one of Food Logistics’ 2015 Top Green Providers

Alternative Energy - Green Provider

Henningsen has been recognized for its superior efforts in alternative energy. Both Portland, Oregon warehouses utilize rooftop solar panels to produce renewable energy. Since their installation in 2010, these panels combined to produce over 1.2 million kilowatt hours of energy. Henningsen is also creating a competitive advantage as a Top Green Provider through facility design features, including reflective “cool roof” systems, upgraded insulation panels, high-speed freezer doors, and sealed loading docks. Lighting is another area in which the company is striving to improve, with many of the facilities using fully controllable, smart motion-sensing LED lighting systems with varying brightness to reduce energy usage. All Henningsen warehouses operate using computer controlled variable speed compressors and fans to drive the ammonia-based refrigeration systems, are being constantly monitored, both on and off site, to ensure that everything is operating at maximum efficiency.

Henningsen is also trying to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills by recycling pallet wood, shrink-wrap, cardboard, paper, and oil. Other programs include irrigating with reclaimed water from the condensers, and utilizing waste heat from the refrigeration process to warm the ground under their warehouses.

Henningsen Cold Storage Co. is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint by actively seeking new ways to create real energy efficiencies.

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