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Henningsen Cold Storage, Portland, Oregon (East)

As one of the largest public refrigerated warehousing companies in the U.S., Henningsen Cold Storage delivers award-winning refrigerated logistics through a national warehouse network totaling more than 64 million cubic feet of multi-temperature controlled storage (-20° F to +70° F).

Our network, together with our transportation management services, translates to coast-to-coast reliability as we serve the production and distribution needs of local, regional, national and international clients. We offer a full complement of warehousing and logistics services . . . our team of professionals is committed and accountable to your satisfaction.

Whether you need freezer, cooler and dry storage, transportation management services, blast and room freezing, cross-docking, transloading, import/export services or distribution, you can relax . . .

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Founded in 1923

Chances are, if you work anywhere near the cold supply chain, you know the name Henningsen. Founded in 1923 by Waldemar F. Henningsen, Sr., the company originally grew into cold storage operations at seven locations throughout the…

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Whether you require long-term deep frozen storage or a high-volume throughput refrigerated distribution center, Henningsen Cold Storage Co. can handle all of your cold chain warehousing needs.  We offer freezer, cooler, and…

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Henningsen’s transportation services are on par with the best in the industry. Our customers benefit from total logistics service, excellent rates, and a wide base of qualified carriers. Our TMS technology makes decisions simpler…

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Henningsen Cold Storage Co. is dedicated to doing our part for the environment. From using alternative energy sources, efficient facility design features, improved lighting, and efficient refrigeration technology, Henningsen is…

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