Henningsen Cold Storage Co.

1000 Paul Mead Road

Stilwell, Oklahoma 74960

Tel: (918) 696-4642

Fax: (918) 696-4541

Mike Chandler

Regional Manager

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GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 35.812948
Longitude: -94.633101

Stilwell, Oklahoma

Servicing the South, Midsouth and Southwest regions of the United States, our Stilwell facility was constructed in 1993 as a centralized location to warehouse goods being shipped from east to west, and north to south. Almost 3.5 million cubic feet of storage room space is available at Stilwell. We offer a variety of services, including blast freezing, and can handle a wide assortment of products, including frozen desserts, fruits, vegetables, prepared meals, meats and poultry. Additionally, room for expansion in the future will accommodate our growing list of local, regional, national and international customers.

If you're shipping cross-country to a mid-America warehousing and distribution location, please contact us.



  • Freezer Storage (0° F or below)
  • Blast & Room Freezing
  • Computerized Inventory Management and EDI Capability
  • Distribution and Specialized Handling
  • Racked and Fully Sprinklered Warehouses
  • Import/Export Services
  • Containerized Loading
  • Transloading
  • USDA Approved Warehouse
  • USDA Approved Meat & Poultry Establishment #17482
  • Certificate of Excellence — American Sanitation Institute
  • Land Available for Expansion And/Or Allied Industry


  • 4,033,538 Cubic Feet



  • 10 Unload/Loading Spots
  • Established Base Of Carriers


  • Kansas City Southern Railroad Service
  • 4 Rail Car Spots/Plus 4 Car Private Siding